Stephen Woodjetts

“The AFC carried me through to a healthy new life”

– Stephen Woodjetts
Musical Director

In the summer of 2010 I found myself in terrible trouble. Emotional and addiction issues caused me to be hospitalized, forced me to withdraw from a high paying job and made me face the fact that I needed time to get help and get well. I was able to do so, in large part, due to the generous assistance of The AFC.

The AFC covered my living costs for three months which allowed me time to put my life back into order, and to deal with the issues, all without the extra worry of food and living costs.  Without this assistance, my complete recovery would have been impossible.

Happily, I am now healthy, both mentally and physically, and enjoying life and work in a way that I would never have considered possible before my “life glitch.”  Again, the hand of The AFC carried me through to this healthy new life.

Over the past 41 years I’ve been able to contribute to The AFC, with both money and through benefit performances, and I now know how valuable and necessary those contributions are. No one wants to NEED The AFC, but how wonderful that it’s there for us when we are in dire circumstances.

To all of you that have contributed, and who continue to do so, and to those who administer the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry…my deepest gratitude.  You are, all of you, amazing.