Terry Banting

“Without The AFC’s help I would have lost everything…”

– Terry Banting

When a severe spinal injury on set left me unable to work I thought it was a short term problem. A year later I was still unable to resume work as a gaffer or even hold a pencil without pain. After a year without an income I had drained my savings and RRSPs and was worried about how I would provide for my family.

I went to The AFC as a last resort. Their assistance sustained me until I could work, allowing me to hold on to my home and van. Without their help I would have lost everything and been unable to keep a roof over my family’s head.

Today I am back working in the industry I love, and proud to be giving back to community. Without The AFC a lot of people would lose their delicate foothold in the film industry. Please give generously to the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry, knowing that you are helping to sustain an organization that will be there to sustain you should you ever need it.