Tracey Hoyt

“To this day, I am so very grateful to The AFC ”

– Tracey Hoyt
Actor, Improviser, Voice-over coach

About eight years into my career, I made the difficult decision to leave a long-term relationship and to start over. Although I was already establishing myself as an actor in theatre, improvisation, film, TV and voice-over, I was still working part time outside of the business to make ends meet. What I didn’t anticipate was the financial stress of suddenly having to pay first and last month’s rent at a new place, on top of the many expenses that went with that.

During a brief period of time, I experienced the grief of ending the relationship profoundly and found it impossible to put myself out there as a performer or otherwise. I needed to stop and to emotionally heal. Although it was very hard for me to do, in a moment of complete humility I reached out to The AFC. They generously provided funds for me to cover a few unexpected bills that were creating terrible stress for me. Turns out it was as humbling to receive this gift as it had been to ask for it.

Over the years, I have given back to The AFC when work has been abundant and through cast and crew fundraisers. I recently encouraged a dear friend to reach out as well, in their time of need. To this day, I am so very grateful to The AFC and to the wonderful people who have created a way for us to take care of each other. These challenging moments in life are what make us human and are what The AFC is here for.