Vladimir Bondarenko

“The short term help I received from The AFC was of long lasting benefit”

– Vladimir Bondarenko

In May of 2013, I developed a double hernia and was scheduled for surgery. The doctors told me that after surgery, I would need recovery time of one month and wouldn’t be able to audition, work or teach. As an actor and acting teacher/coach, my monthly income closely matches my monthly expenses. I needed a helping hand.

I turned to The AFC and the assistance that I received enabled me to pay my rent and buy groceries for one month. It eased the stress and uncertainty. The help that I received from The AFC was short term, but the support lasted far beyond.

I’m now fully recovered and back to teaching and auditioning. Last fall I also organized a musical fundraiser for The AFC that raised over $600. I wanted to help others as The AFC helped me, by giving back. I encourage you to do the same.

Let’s keep the fabric of our Canadian artistic life healthy and strong by assisting entertainment industry professionals in need, through the support of The AFC.