Daniel Gervais

“Thanks to The AFC, my foot has mostly healed and I am now back to work”

– Daniel Gervais

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Pam Hyatt

“The AFC’s support enables artists and every single crew and production member to continue honing their skills and sharing their talents with audiences on all platforms of artistic endeavour”

– Pam Hyatt
Actor and singer

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Sally Cahill

“The long-term benefits from the assistance I received from The AFC are immeasurable”

– Sally Cahill

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Kate Hennig

“The AFC provides a very necessary service to the arts community”

– Kate Hennig

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Jennifer Krukowski

“The AFC keeps artists working”

– Jennifer Krukowski

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Sharman Yarnell

“The AFC was my friend at a time of my deepest need”

– Sharman Yarnell

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Mark Cowling

“The AFC was a life preserver”

– Mark Cowling

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Tanya Lipscomb

“The AFC reduced my stress at a time when I needed to rest and heal”

– Tanya Lipscomb

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Meher Pavri

“Thanks for having my back – literally”

– Meher Pavri
Musician and actor

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