Randy Jablonka

“The AFC plays a vital role in aiding entertainment industry workers.”

– Randy Jablonka
Lamp Operator, “Soldier for Hollywood”

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Lauren Brotman

“The AFC helped to stabilize and uplift us during an impossibly harrowing time.”

– Lauren Brotman
Actor, Creator

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Shannon Nielsen

“The AFC makes a difference in people’s lives.”

– Shannon Nielsen
First Aid/Craft Service

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Dan Dumouchel

“There isn’t another charity like The AFC.”

– Dan Dumouchel
Director of Photography

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Brodie Stevenson

“I felt supported at one of the lowest and most stressful points in my life.”

– Brodie Stevenson

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Helen Taylor

“I encourage everyone in arts and entertainment to give the Financial Wellness Program a go. ”

– Helen Taylor

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Kristin Hoff

“The help from The AFC made me feel much less vulnerable. ”

– Kristin Hoff

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Pat Canavan

“The support from The AFC was beneficial in the long term: it gave us the time we required to change our life plan.”

– Pat Canavan
Musician, Composer

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Laara Sadiq

“Being a beneficiary of the support (The AFC) provides makes me truly appreciate what an essential contribution it makes to our community.”

– Laara Sadiq

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