Sally Cahill

“The long-term benefits from the assistance I received from The AFC are immeasurable”

– Sally Cahill

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Kate Hennig

“The AFC provides a very necessary service to the arts community”

– Kate Hennig
Actor, Playwright

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Jennifer Krukowski

“The AFC keeps artists working”

– Jennifer Krukowski

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Sharman Yarnell

“The AFC was my friend at a time of my deepest need”

– Sharman Yarnell

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Mark Cowling

“The AFC was a life preserver”

– Mark Cowling

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Tanya Lipscomb

“The AFC reduced my stress at a time when I needed to rest and heal”

– Tanya Lipscomb

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Meher Pavri

“Thanks for having my back – literally”

– Meher Pavri
Musician, Actor

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Jerry Getty

“The help from The AFC made all the difference in the world”

– Jerry Getty

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Greg Harrison

“I cannot express how fortunate I was to receive the support that I did from The AFC”

– Greg Harrison

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