David Archibald

“The AFC was an awesome help to me after my entire life went up in smoke”

– David Archibald

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Jeremiah Sparks

“Thanks to The AFC, I’m 100% back to health”

– Jeremiah Sparks
Pianist, Vocalist, Composer, Actor

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Chala Hunter

“The AFC’s swift compassionate aid meant I was able to get back to work!”

– Chala Hunter
Actor, Creator, Producer

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Richard Lett

“Thanks to help from The AFC, I was able to beat cancer”

– Richard Lett
Stand-up Comedian, Actor

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Christina Jennifer Lee

“The AFC inspired me to become a stronger dancer”

– Christina Jennifer Lee

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Jeff Sayle

“Receiving financial assistance from The AFC was a huge help: I honestly don’t know what we would have done without it”

– Jeff Sayle
1st Assistant Cameraman

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Pamela Sinha

“The AFC made me feel like I was part of a community”

– Pamela Sinha

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Michele Brady

“The AFC can make the difference between survival and destitution. It did for me.”

– Michele Brady
Art Director

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Terry Banting

“Without The AFC’s help I would have lost everything…”

– Terry Banting

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