Rebuilding Resilience with Set Protect

Part 1: Thursday, February 22, 1-3 ET

Part 2: Thursday, March 7, 1-3 ET

Rebuilding Resilience is a two-part mental wellness workshop series by Set Protect, designed to address the unique mental health challenges faced by workers in the arts and entertainment industry, particularly in the context of the recent pandemic and industry strikes. 

The goal is to equip participants with practical tools and strategies to enhance their mental health and support systems within the industry.

Facilitated by Kevin Yarnell, a life coach and professional counsellor, this workshop series will explore various aspects of mental well-being, communication, and seeking/giving support.

These workshops are free to attend – registration is required. The series is structured as a continued learning experience, but attendance at both workshops is not mandatory.

Intended takeaways:

  • Enhanced understanding of mental health challenges;
  • Improved communication skills for expressing needs and offering support;
  • Practical strategies for self-care and resilience-building;
  • A list of mental health resources and support networks;
  • A personalized action plan for ongoing well-being. 

Accessibility: closed captions and ASL interpretation. If you require additional accommodations to make this event accessible for you, please get in touch, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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About Set Protect

Set Protect is a services company that provides affordable, accessible, and innovative mental health supports to workers in the arts and entertainment industry. 

Created in 2021 to provide COVID-19-compliant services to the film industry in BC, Set Protect now supplies technology to connect workers to mental health professionals wherever and whenever they need it. They also provide on-set support, workshops, and consulting services to guide on psychological safety best practices. 

Their services are created from lived experience in the film industry paired with industry input, research, and statistical data to back the need for this support.

Meet Kevin Yarnell

Kevin Yarnell (he/him), a former law enforcement officer from Toronto, has made it his mission to help others overcome mental health challenges. Kevin’s personal experience with depression, anxiety, and a loss of self-worth while working in law enforcement inspired him to pursue a career in mental health counselling, coaching, and workshop facilitation. After choosing his mental health over his job, Kevin moved to Vancouver, went back to school, and graduated from Rhodes Wellness College as a life coach and professional counsellor. He is now a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) through the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada.

Kevin specializes in helping clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelm using a goal-oriented approach that focuses on practical solutions.